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You are invited to take part in the world’s biggest study of Melanoma!

What does My Melanoma hope to achieve:

 Determine what lifestyles can affect the risk of melanoma coming back (recurrence) and what can be done about it

 Discover tests which better predict recurrence and which can be used to select the best treatment for an individual patient

 Identify what the risk of any new cancer is in families who are at an in-creased risk of melanoma

We need 20,000 people who have ever had a melanoma of the skin, mucosa (mouth, nose, or genitals) or under the nails, to join MyMelanoma.

We are specifically recruiting participants who are just about to start immunotherapies to treat their melanoma. We need to hear from you before you start your treatment, so please scan our QR code and sign up to join the MyMelanoma team today!

Will you join us?

To sign up to be part of MyMelanoma or to learn more about this study, please visit our website:


Date published: 24th August, 2023
Date last updated: 24th August, 2023