Talkworks Service

About the Talkworks Service

Previously known as the Depression and Anxiety Service, Talkworks are an inclusive service who work compassionately and empathetically to try and understand how you are feeling, so they can offer you a choice of therapy options and coping strategies to help you feel happier and get your life back on track.

Is the way that you are feeling affecting your daily life? Are you struggling to cope, feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings? Are you living with a long term health condition that is making you feel tired, frustrated and worried? You are not alone and Talkworks can help.

They are a free, confidential, NHS talking therapy service, helping you to feel better and giving you the tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Long Term Health Condition

Living with a long term health condition can be frustrating, tiring and worrying.

There are many challenges involved, especially when dealing with difficult or unpleasant symptoms, procedures or treatments. It’s understandable that this can cause people to feel down, stressed or just not their usual selves.

We know that people who have a long term health condition are more susceptible to experiencing low mood, anxiety and stress, or find it difficult to cope with their usual daily activities, which can make it even harder to manage their long term health condition well.

At TALKWORKS they have a dedicated Talking Health Team, consisting of experienced practitioners, who can work with people to help them manage the emotional difficulties that often go hand in hand with experiencing a long term health condition.

You can self-refer direct to TALKWORKS:

Call 0300 555 3344 or complete the online form on our website.

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