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Energy Consumption

Quick Fixes for Reducing Energy Consumption

Suggestions by ECOE Volunteer Community Energy Champions.


Free Ideas

Take advantage of solar gain – Open curtains when the sun is shining in!

Make best use of Solar PV (use appliances daytime)

Get a smart meter


Turn lights off

Reduce the Number of bulbs – downlighters, chandeliers and wall lights

Turn off gadgets – Don’t leave on standby/turn off

Don’t leave phones charging all night


Close doors/windows (!!but think ventilation!!)

Close extractors/trickle vents when not needed


Draw curtains

Check the room temperature before turning the heating on

Heating Controls – use properly/efficiently

Especially NSH controls; timers

Turn the thermostat down/ use TRVs on radiators (but don’t let house get too cold)


Bleed radiators

Immersion Heater Times – try reducing to 30 minutes per day

Keep furniture away from heat sources

Clean behind radiators/fridges/freezers

Put on warmer clothing/extra layers/hats/socks/slipper

Use blankets/slankets/throws etc.

Use a hot water bottle


Don’t overfill the kettle – Only boil what you need

Use a flask

Defrost the freezer regularly

Keep freezer loaded, use tubs of water to fill gaps

Monitor fridge temperatures (care to avoid food poisoning)


Keep lids on saucepans/ use the right size ring

Leave oven door open after turning off to benefit from heat.

Use a slow cooker/microwave/steamer/multi level/one pot cooking

Bulk cooking/Freezing/ efficient menu planning

Switch off hob/oven early to allow residual heat to finish cooking

Wash up in a bowl (instead of running tap or instead of sink)

Save the water running before use (cold and hot)

Jug of cold water in the fridge for drinking


Reduce shower times (4 mins)

Replace a bath with shower

Share bath/shower

Use bath water to flush loo

Hippo/brick in cistern

Close Bathroom door to prevent condensation

Ditch the hot tub


Full loads only – Washing machine and dishwasher

Wash at 30 degrees – Check Eco programmes on machines

Dry clothes outside if possible, or on airers

If drying clothes inside open window to prevent condensation

Consider heated laundry rack

Reduce hoovering/ironing


Drink warm drinks often

Stay active, move around


Setting on phones to use wifi only (money saving)

Switch to a cheaper tariff


Low-Cost Ideas

Adding extra heating controls, esp timers to immersions, install TRVs

Regular Boiler maintenance

Add thicker/lined curtains – Add Door Curtains if needed

Add carpet or rugs and underlay

Draught excluders – door/windows/under doors/chimneys/loft hatch/gaps around pipes/floorboards/skirting boards/letterbox/keyhole/cat flaps

Secondary glazing – permanent or film packs

Insulated wall paper

Check Insulation – loft, wall, floor – and apply for grants as needed

Hot water tank jackets, lag pipes

Fit Standby plugs

Add radiator panels/shelves

Use tumble dryer balls

Water minimisers – Taps and showerheads

Fit LED lightbulbs

Hot water bottles, electric blankets, over blankets

Use dehumidifier

Add trickle vents to improve moisture control

Water butts to save water

Water softener (hard water areas) for boiler and washing machine

Buy efficient wood for stoves

Date published: 8th August, 2023
Date last updated: 8th August, 2023