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Vaccinations for patients who are immunosuppressed.

Vaccinations for patients who are immunosuppressed.

A small cohort of patients will be eligible for a total of 4 vaccination doses (3x primary vaccinations, plus 1x booster vaccination) of the COVID Vaccination.

Most of these patients will have received a letter from their Hospital specialist to inform them of this, this letter also serves as proof of entitlement for the extra dose, which should be taken with you to your booster dose appointment.

Please note that booster doses can only be booked by phoning 119, you cannot book your booster via the NHS website if you are in this cohort.

If you have not received a letter from your hospital specialist, please contact the surgery via email on and we will be able to produce a letter for you. We are still vaccinating at Dawlish Community Hospital on a Thursday (throughout January) and a Sunday (throughout January and February).

More information about the immunosuppressed cohort can be found here: guidance for immunosuppressed patients