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Locomotion Volunteers


LOCOMOTION study needs healthy volunteers.

What is the study?

LOCOMOTION is studying the evaluation of the results of the AAP
(a home-based test for the evaluation of autonomic dysfunction) in the asymptomatic healthy population to provide normal data for comparisons.
Autonomic dysfunction is common condition in Long COVID patients, the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are damaged affecting the heart function, blood pressure, bladder function, and digestion.

What is involved?
• Up to 60 minutes across one day.
• Measuring your heart rate and blood pressure at specific points in the day.
• Making a note of food/drink you consume and details of activity you perform in the day.

Who can participate?
• Aged 18 years or older
• Do NOT have Long COVID
• No pre-existing chronic condition with autonomic dysfunction
• Ability to complete the AAP test with your own Blood Pressure machine

How to participate?
Contact for more information.